Cloud Infrastructure

Confidently build and manage a private cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Learn how Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure enables you to move your organization from traditional to cloud-enabled workload models and transition IT into a value added service; on your terms, on your timelines, as your applications require, and consistent with your IT policies and procedures.

OpenStack Platform

Learn how Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform allows you to deploy a supported version of OpenStack on an enterprise-hardened Linux platform to build a massively scalable public-cloud-like platform for managing and deploying cloud-enabled workloads. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, you can focus resources on building applications that add value to your organization.

Moving to the Cloud

From mentoring and advising to strategy and implementation, our global team of consultants can function remotely or on site. A case in point: learn how Red Hat Consulting helps public sector customers move to the cloud in the best way for them. Discover how go from a proof-of-concept to a production environment.

Open Hybrid Cloud

An open hybrid cloud gives businesses flexibility, control, and choice — and leaves you open to innovation. It makes the most of your existing resources, while allowing systems, applications, and data to work together seamlessly across a public or private cloud. Red Hat is the only company that can deliver truly open hybrid cloud technology.

Introduction to Red Hat

Red Hat is: open technology, constant improvement, and our customers. Explore the redesigned to see our customer and partner success stories, strategic alliances, technologies, and much more. Learn how Red Hat is about more than Linux. Explore the Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure product and service portfolio.