Hybrid Cloud Computing

Lots of people — including your internal customers — use public clouds in their daily lives. And they often expect the same agility and efficiency from corporate IT systems. But with 80% of your IT budget spent on maintenance, it’s a struggle to balance running the business and driving IT innovation and transformation. Learn about…

Innovate and Grow

The world’s most innovative IT organizations can be more strategic and responsive with an open, flexible infrastructure. Discover how they gradually modernize, standardize on common infrastructure software, virtualize–and then realize dramatic efficiency—on an infrastructure that’s a springboard for growth.

Modern Datacenter

What if you could modernize your datacenter without compromising performance or security, while lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and improving DevOps staff efficiency? Learn why 90% of the Fortune 500 rely on our open, secure platform software as the foundation for their IT infrastructure.

Smart Virtualization

Not all virtualization is the same. You can lower capital and operational expenses, improve virtualized workload performance and manage your hetereogenous hypervisor environment, all while reducing virtual machine sprawl. Learn how leading organizations are growing with open, flexible virtualization solutions.

Open Standardization

What if you could rapidly grow your business while eliminating the complexity and multiple operating systems, administration and cloud management tools, or security and compliance requirements? See how many good things happen when you standardize on open, flexible IT infrastructure solutions.

Cloud Infrastructure

Confidently build and manage a private cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Learn how Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure enables you to move your organization from traditional to cloud-enabled workload models and transition IT into a value added service; on your terms, on your timelines, as your applications require, and consistent with your IT policies and procedures.

OpenStack Platform

Learn how Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform allows you to deploy a supported version of OpenStack on an enterprise-hardened Linux platform to build a massively scalable public-cloud-like platform for managing and deploying cloud-enabled workloads. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, you can focus resources on building applications that add value to your organization.